Man! Today has been the worst. It started by being woken up at 8am to some people pressure washing the ugliest furniture I’ve ever seen, so I kindly marched down 3 flights of stairs to let them know that that’s my window and it’s not even 9am yet. I, however, was able to keep it to myself that no amount of pressure washing would fix that monstrosity of a living room set. Theeeeeen the AC broke and freon exploded all over the house. Theeeen I called about a thousand vets because Jasper’s mouth was bleeding and needs an emergency tooth extraction. Theeeen the AC at work was broken. Theeeen I came home to a nearly 90 degree house which will NOT cool off, and I’m not quite sure how we’re supposed to sleep to wake up early for Jasper’s surgery. So. Do over on today! Tomorrow will be better.