So it was hard with Smudges jingling and touching me, but I kept my head down and powered through. 

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Meditation, yoga, cooking, stretching, creating a piece of art that I really like, getting going, leaving the house, enjoying nature, finding a new place to experience, talking to my best friends, being productive, caring for and spending time with my animals, eating something tasty, maintaining my saltwater tank…shall I keep going? =)

Spirit Animal Meditation - “Don’t Lose It.”

I did a guided meditation to find my Spirit or Power Animal. I’m happy to say that he’s a really cute, playful tiger who likes to swim a lot. We spent a while together swimming, chasing, and snuggling, turns out we have a lot in common. I’m a water sign, I love nature, being outdoors and watery places, I LOVE cats, and I love snuggling. It was hard finding him at first, and I think I saw a couple of his friends along the way, but I finally settled on him and he stuck with me throughout the rest of the meditation. We had a great time and I hardly ever saw him on land, though we did sit beach side a couple times and he came to snuggle with me on my couch at the end. The guided meditation encouraged me to ask questions, but I didn’t want to get too chatty and bother him (or me) while he did what he enjoyed. Apparently he’s always around, so I just thought to him, “What are you doing?” I can’t remember what all he said, but he did randomly tell me, “Don’t lose it”, as in my temper, and perhaps in a way, my focus or patience. Irritation and anger used to be my go-to emotions until about 5 years ago when I finally calmed the fuck down, and I’m happy to say that I’m a smooth sailing gal these days. I have little conflict, few negative thoughts and emotions, and am more patient than I ever have been. I’m supposing during this transitional period, during this big move across the country, and during all the new settling and routine-building, he was just reminding me to not get too irritated or impatient. Duly noted, Tiges. Thanks.


That’s basically us. <3